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Shanxi Lihu Glass (Group) Co., Ltd

Founded in the early 1990s, Shanxi Lihu Glass (Group) Co., Ltd. is the largest float glass manufacturer and glass deep-processing enterprise in North China and Shanxi Province. Currently, it has 6 subsidiaries and branches in Luliang and Changzhi. There are 6 float glass production lines, which can produce 2-15mm white glass, and the annual production capacity is 20 million weight boxes. It has a domestically advanced production line for concentrating thermoelectric power generation.

It has a 1.8-2mm ultra-white and ultra-thin automobile glass production line. Has 4 million sets of high-end automotive glass production system. Has 600 × 3MW waste heat generating set. The annual output value of the two major businesses can reach 2.8 billion yuan, and the production scale, technical strength and market share have already ranked among the best in the industry in the country. In addition, the development of metal mining has started, and a sustainable development integrating mining, float glass production, glass deep processing, etc. has been formed

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